Friday, May 18, 2012

Emmitt's Civil War Unders

Emmitt and I attended a civil war school event in Salt Lake City today.  He was such a good little boy.  I took my camera to take pictures, but alas, I forgot.  I actually wanted to have one taken of me in my new brick house maternity dress, as large as a brick house, but I forgot.  Actually, that is okay with me, because I looked pretty large!  I am sad however that I didn't get any of Emmitt all dressed up.

These were taken when we got home.  He rode home in his unders, and was so happy to play when we got home, that he played in his unders for a bit putting a race track together.  So I decided to take a few pictures of his unders.

Emmitt is not quite potty trained, so his civil war clothing is still a dress or gown, or whatever you would like to call it.  Under his dress, he wears the same underpinnings his sisters and I do.  First is the simple chemise, then a strapped petticoat, and he has one additional petticoat buttoned onto the one piece strapped petticoat at the waist.  I usually only have him wear the two petticoats and it gives his dress a nice full look.  The girls usually only wear 2 or 3 petticoats as well, but technically should probably wear a few more to be period correct.

The strapped petticoat buttons in the back with two buttons, and has 2 buttons for the shoulder straps.  The straps have a few sets of buttons on it for varying sizes of the child that wears it.  There are also 2 buttons on the back waist and 2 buttons on the front of the waist to attach the additional petticoats.  He is such a good boy and a good sport.  My 7 year old Kendal has outgrown her petticoats, so that is a project I get to work on soon!

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