Friday, May 25, 2012

Lee Family Farm

There is a family many states away that live in this house, the Lee family.  I have never met them, and I really don't know them.  I do know that they lost their father months ago in the horrible tornadoes that raged through the Southern States, and that the large handful of children that belong to this home are taken care of well by their amazing mother. 
I follow a blog that I enjoy reading, and the blog author recently did a post on visiting the Lee Family Farm.  I invite you to read it.

One of the pictures on the blog post made me fall in love - the picture of the girls' bedroom that is upstairs.  I am not sure if it is the pregnancy hormones or the rainy day today that is making me feel all sentimental, but I love this picture.  I can just imagine 4 lovely daughters climbing into these deliciously simple beds at night and snuggling in together.  In my mind, there is no bickering or complaining or fighting as this happens of course!  Real life tells me this is a dream, but maybe the Lee family girls can all get into bed without all the drama bedtime brings us here!

Anyway, enjoy your visit to the Lee Family Farm!
There are plenty of other pictures to adore as well!

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