Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We love Saturdays

 Saturday was a busy day for the Cranes.  Matt went to Salina and performed his first embryo extraction and freezing all on his own.  Well, he had his brother Mark's help, but they are rookies at embryo transfer work.  They were able to collect 4 good embryoes from the donor cow, and freeze them for later use in other cows.  I am sure he and Mark also did a bunch of work at the ranch and farm as well - he was gone all dang day!

The kiddos stayed home with me.  It was a chilly but clear and beautiful day.  We watered the lawn as it is trying to green up, weed wacked, raked out the freshly rototilled garden, sprayed weeds, cleaned some house, and a handful of other good things.  The kids had a lunch picnic outside to enjoy the sunshine, but quickly ran inside to get their jackets!

I had Kelsey finish painting another coat of paint on these cute shelf hangers.  When we made the dutch bed, I never completely finished the shelving at the foot of the bed.  So, that is a project that will be taken care of soon!  Kelsey is such a good helper and will do anything I ask her to do with a smile.

Saturday afternoon she decided she wanted to organize my sewing armoire and came across a bunch of charm packs.  She has been wanting to sew so badly, since Friday she was able to sew with her best friend at the USU Extension office and make a cute little bag.  So, she sewed up some pink 5" charm squares I had, then rummaged through my fabric stash for some pink and white fabric for some borders.  I think it turned out darling.  She sewed every stitch, but I did the pressing and pinning.  She said she made it for our new baby coming next month.  She is so sweet and is pretty determined to get something "soft and fluffy" for the backing fabric.

We love Saturdays at our house.  I think we are looking forward to school being out for summer!


Terra said...

I love the feeling of Saturdays in the spring when you get out and do yard work! And I am so jealous that your nine year old made that beautiful quilt and here I am 26 and can't sew on a button! There is definitely something wrong with that!

Mom said...

Awesome Kelsey!
That is sooooo very cool.

Rachel said...

Terra, we will make something happen! Promise!

Jake said...

Well done on Kelsey.


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