Friday, November 30, 2012


A month ago I posted here about what I had planned for my dear dad's Christmas present.
I am nearing completion finally!

 I ordered the fabric, cut it, and made this pile of 9 patch blocks. 

I cut all the 9 patch blocks into quarters. 
Then I sewed all of those squares into strips and then of course sewed all the strips together.  
I added a border to make it a bit bigger for my tall dad to cover up with in the recliner at night while he watches the news.  

 This pattern is called a Disappearing 9 Patch because you begin with 9 patch blocks, but they turn into something else -chaos maybe?  The pattern I bought actually called it 'Camouflage.'  Same thing I guess!

 My 3 year old took his very first picture yesterday and did a pretty good job.  He was so excited and I think since I am in the center of the picture and he got at least half of the quilt, he did a great job!

I have the quilt sandwich out today; the front, the batting, and the backing, and I hope to get this baby quilted early next week!  YIPPEE!

This is the original picture of the quilt that made me want to make it for my dear ole' dad.  Maybe its the fishing stuff that makes me like it! 

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Mom said...

He will absolutely LOVE it.


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