Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

Here are the usual and traditional Halloween pumpkin pictures.  They did a great job this year.  Kenna was having herself a wonderful nap, and Matt got home pretty late so was only in attendance for the candle lighting.  Kelsey looks so angry, she wasn't - she was concentrating!  I love carving pumpkins, always have, always will.  It reminds me of my own sweet childhood.

Halloween evening was spent at our friends, the Kings home for a few hours.  We ate the most delicious chili and corn bread, and then made some spudnuts.  DELICIOUS!  I guess that is a tradition for the Kings, and a new experience for us.  I think I will be making them at our house soon - they were wonderful and fun to make, and fantastic to eat. We came home in time for Matt to get home from work and take the kids trick or treating.  My job is to hand out the candy.  I like the arrangement.

Emmitt could not decide what he wanted to be for Halloween because he has so many super hero costume options.  He emerged from the basement as Spiderman, so that was good for him and me as well!  Kelsey was a messed up fairy with her crazy clothing, Kendal was the cutest mummy, and Kenna was a sweet little butterfly angel thing.  Not sure - she wore a tutu, wings, and a halo for just a few minutes. 

The weather was so great and mild, no coats had to be worn and I saw many trick or treaters barefoot, which was a BIG stretch for me, but it was still so nice and warm.  It was a good night, but I do have leftover candy that didn't get handed out.  Darn it, my self control is a pitiful thing!

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