Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am so thankful for . . .

 We had a great Thanksgiving feast at my sister Tori and her husband Jared's house.  They were wonderful hosts and went beyond the call of duty.  I only have 2 siblings, so there isn't a huge crowd to get together, but it still doesn't happen that often unfortunately.    We have 9 children all together, and here they are:

 Emmitt, Brogan, Waylon, Presley, Kendal, Kenna, Kelsey, Taylor, and Brig

This is Tori my sister, Glen my brother, and myself.  Tori and Glen always have contests on who is the tallest, and this photo captures my sister's crazy face as they were vying for height positions! 
Since I get to reflect on the gratitude I feel every day, but get to express around Thanksgiving, here it goes!

I am so thankful for my incredible parents, all they have taught me, continue to teach me, and for their wonderful examples.  I love them more than I can say.
I am so thankful for my sister and my brother, and their families.  I love being with them and making new memories and as well remembering old memories.
I am so thankful for my hard working and good husband who is also a fantastic father to our children, and a good good man.
I am so thankful for the four little ones that call me mom.  They have blessed my life in ways I didn't know were possible.  They bring me more joy than I can begin to explain.  I hope I can be the mother they need me to be to them.
I am so thankful for good friends.  They understand me and love me for the person I am, and forgive me for the person I should be, but often fall short.
I am so thankful for extended family.  They bless my life by just being 'my family.'  Their love and support is so appreciated. 
I am thankful for all the people God puts in my life.  I hope I can learn from them what I am intended to learn from them, and become better by knowing them.

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Mom said...

It was a great day, broken foot and all.


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