Monday, November 05, 2012

konked out Kenna

 This is what my poor, sweet, patient Kenna looks like while I am blogging and emailing, and I hate to admit, but sometimes Facebooking.  First, I will set her on the floor, on a blanket near me.  When she is done with that, the bouncer breaks out, when the bouncer has lost its fun, then she moves onto my lap in a sitting position.  She handles that position very well for quite some time, but when she begins to get fussy, she kicks the little table that the keyboard sits on over and over and over again until I get tired of pulling it back out every 2 seconds.  Then the sweet thing gets bounced a bit on my left thigh and falls asleep, all hunched over and drooling on my left forearm.  That is when she gets gently and ever so slowly moved to this position - the one you see here.  She is completely konked out and totally relaxed.  She can snooze here for a good 15 minutes before one of two things happen - first she of course wakes up, or second, my pants are drenched through from her drool and I have to call it quits for sanitary reasons.  I love this little girl!

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