Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fort Douglas Christmas Party 2012

We had our annual Christmas Party at Fort Douglas Military Museum on Friday evening.  It was a wonderful time.  Everyone that serves as a living historian for Fort Douglas was invited to attend, so we had folks in every kind and era of clothing.  We were most honored and pleased to have our dinner attended by Napoleon Bonaparte along with World War II heroes, American Civil War folks, Revolutionary War Loyalists, and many more.

I left the middle two children home with their dad and brought Kelsey and Kenna along with me.  They were wonderful of course.

We played some wonderful time period parlor games and had a blast.  Kimberli and her husband, who normally calls our dances for us, were the ones that provided the fun games.  There were a handful of kids there and they really enjoyed the games too.

My dear friend Amanda and her sweet Lydia.

Many of the games required us to change seats with others, and let me tell you, that is a might bit difficult with a hoop skirt and carrying a baby!  I usually just moved to the seat just next to my old seat!  There was a little blood spilled when the fellas got rough, but they were wonderfully pure gentlemen to the ladies!

This game was called 'The Huntsman' and it was really fun.  I love Kimberli's skirt in this one!

I love this cheesy one of my sweet friend Caleb and little Kenna.  When she gets that look on her face, she wants to nuzzle you and squeal with delight!

My friend Sarah and her daughter Hannah came to the Christmas Party as their first civil war event.  They loved it and had a great time.  At least she said they did.  So this picture is of me and my 2 daughters, Amanda and her 3 children, Sarah and Hannah, and one of Kelsey and Hannah's friends, Bekah.  We all live on the same street and within 4 blocks of each other. 

I asked Kelsey to take a picture of me in my new bodice I have been working on this month.  This is what happened - me saying "Just one minute!"  It was captured for all of posterity to witness.  It is the only picture I had her take, so it will have to do!  I liked making this bodice.  It went together pretty easily and quickly.  The chemisette underneath actually took awhile, and I already had the undersleeves.  It gives me another dressier option from my usual day dresses.

Kenna was the belle of the night and was so so so good.  She is the most well mannered baby!

Kenna got to wear the new dress I made for her as well.  It will be dubbed 'the civil war Christmas dress' from now on I think.  She wore it and the antique bonnet to church today and was so darn cute!
We had a splendid evening with some wonderful people.
There was a large group photo taken, and I hope to come across it soon!


Anonymous said...

Your dress turned out so beautiful.
And that look on Kenna's face when Calebis holding her,so cute, it makes me giggle hard.


Jenn Hill said...

Rachel, you look lovely & I envy your big family! Are you on The Sewing Academy group? CWar. Jennifer

Rachel said...

Jenn, I go to the Sewing Academy and scrounge around to answer my questions, but I haven't ever posted there. I just search for what I am looking for - there always seems to be a thread talking about my issues! lol. I don't feel knowledgeable enough to comment or answer anybody's questions. Are you on there? I have learned so much from there, also from the Facebook Civilian Civil War Closet group.


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