Thursday, December 27, 2012

I can't take a hint

My Kenna turned 6 months old on Christmas Day.  WOW!  Has the time just flown by!
 She is such a sweet little baby and I tell everyone that she is the most mellow babe on the planet.  Well, recently she thinks she is big stuff - getting on all fours and just a rocking!

Santa thinks she is a big gal too, because he brought her rice cereal for Christmas!
All my other children were eating all their veggies and fruits like crazy by the time they were 6 months old.
I have just been lazy with Kenna.  Real food is such a mess, and look at those thighs and cheeks - Creme ala Rachel has been good to her so far!

Anyway, I got out the rice cereal Santa graciously brought yesterday and gave it a whirl.  First bite - not impressed.  Second bite - which was really the first bite, just reinserted - gagging and spitting out again.  Third bite - a fresh spoonful once again rejected.

Fourth bite, just because I can't take a hint - more gagging and ultimately all of her stomach contents running down her bib and thighs and into the bumbo chair.  Yeah, we will try again another day!

But my little Kenna is an angel.  I love her so much.  Her giggles make me smile and I can't help but find joy in everything about her - even going through 3 sets of clothing EVERY DAY!

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