Friday, December 14, 2012

 This is my current project - super secret project that I must finish before Christmas!  AHHHHH!!!  Just kidding, I am playing it cool.  All is well, but I will be very busy for the next week completing it!  I can not divulge the project quite yet, but yes, those are feet and hand prints.  Cute ones at that!

 Here are my little helpers.  They keep me busy all day wondering where the time has gone and laughing all day at their sweetness and hilarious little quirks.

 Kelsey had her first band concert last night.  Here is the crew of them.  It was a 5th and 6th grade Christmas Concert and they sounded pretty darn good.  Kelsey plays the trumpet and was in the very back row.  I was surprised at how many kids there were there, trying to make a beautiful noise! The girls below after the concert, with no trumpet in the picture.

Just a quick picture of my kitchen table.  I love this Christmas wreath quilt.  I made it when I was pregnant with Kendal and it makes me happy to think back to that fun winter and yet makes me sad to realize how quickly the time passes.

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