Sunday, December 09, 2012

New bodice - going for a tea dress this time around

 I have been sewing.  No, not finishing and binding the quilt I finally got quilted for my dad for Christmas, but civil war clothing.  I made Kenna the cutest little civil war Christmas dress for our Christmas Party in 2 weeks at Fort Douglas Military Museum.  That made me decide I needed something new to wear as well.

So I made a new bodice.  A tea dress type of bodice to go with a skirt I already have.  It is brown, I know.  Not the prettiest brown, but still brown.  I think it will look nice once it is finished.  I couldn't pass up 15 yards of a nice cotton fabric for $10, even if it was brown!  

 So here is the bodice earlier this evening with my super duper cheesy grin and no sleeves. (and toys in the background)

 Here is the same bodice but this time with my "hurry and take the picture" look as well.  I like these pictures not because they are hideous of me, and show all my facial flaws, but that they show "the look" of the fashion in the 1860s.  It was all about the waist. The natural waist.  The one we don't see anymore in modern fashion.  See where my slouchy, lazy Sunday pants are riding?  That is not my natural waist.  See where the bodice tapers and ends?  That is my waist.  The look of the 1860s was to make that natural waist look as small as possible, and the rest of you to look as plump as possible.  Now, for me that is not so much of a problem as I have mothering hips and rear.  Darn, I should have lived 150 years ago - my body was made for it!  

I got the sleeves attached tonight and now I just lack the buttons down the front.  Of course I will be wearing white undersleeves under those wide sleeves, and a white chemisette at the top where the neckline takes a dive.  I will also be wearing my corset as well.  I am not wearing it in these pictures and so the silhouette is not exactly how it should be, but close.  My bust will be brought in quite a bit more and of course the waist taken in more.

 Here is a picture of the skirt that I will be wearing with my new bodice.  This is my ballgown bodice and with its off-the-shoulder look and short sleeves, would only be worn to a dance or evening gathering.

I had to include this one.  I found it as I was searching for pictures of the ballgown.  Another sweet photo that shows all those facial flaws!  Amanda would kill me if she knew I posted this, but since she doesn't read my blog, I am safe.

One more picture.  I really like the shape of this skirt and can't wait to wear it with my new bodice I made!

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Mom said...

Not sure where you get all that energy from, but your dress is gonna be beautiful. Wish I was closer so I could tend children that night..
Have fun.


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