Thursday, February 14, 2013

cabbage vs SPAM

My dad told me when I was in high school that the reason the Germans lost WWII was because all they had was cabbage to eat, and we had SPAM.  I used to believe him.  I still sort of do.  He thought I was going vegetarian on him, but I have just never really been a meat fan.  I was playing basketball and volleyball and he was trying to get me to realize I needed some protein, some MEAT, to keep up my busy high school life.  I think he was giving me a history lesson as well!

Well, I was feeling a little bit German the other day and craving some cabbage.  When we lived in Pullman, Washington, we had some incredible neighbors.  The Ahman family was from the middle east, Jordan, the Ganvi family was from Hungary, and our favorite family, the Holsts were from central Washington.  We had wonderful meals and neighborhood get togethers often, and I ate so many new things that this country girl had never even heard of before.  Maria Holst made cabbage pockets once and I fell in love. So, I tried to reproduce them the other night. 

I browned some home grown, Gooseberry Ranch grass-fed ground beef and onion first.  I added assorted spices, lots of salt and pepper, a little Worcestershire Sauce, and I should have thrown in some garlic but I didn't. 

I steamed some cabbage and a bit of carrot and mixed it with the beef.

I had helpers of course.  Kenna was content to suck on a wooden spoon, and Kendal was happy to be reading for Literacy Month Minutes for school.

I made some bread dough and divided it into 16 pieces.  Next time, I will divide it further, I think a thinner pocket would be better!  (turn your head to the right)

I put a hefty spoonful of the beef and cabbage onto a rolled out portion of dough and folded them up.  I let them raise for just a little while.

I baked them for about 20 minutes.  They were good, but since I loved the cabbage and beef, I just wanted to eat the filling!  Next time I will roll the dough out thinner or not use so much for each pocket because I want more beef!  That is a strange thing for me, since I am a bread LOVER!  They were good.  Matt enjoyed them of course, Kelsey ate a few, Kendal tried one and just about choked, and Emmitt wouldn't touch them.  Typical dinnertime behavior at our house!

I am doing just plain cooked cabbage tonight for dinner, mmmm, the thought makes my knees weak! Salt and pepper of course.  I am so excited.  No SPAM though.


Kay Ehrmantrout said...

Love it love it love it. So impressed. I need to try these. J is from good German stock but I have never made anything really German other than German Pancake and Apple Pie.

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I think you should brown some chopped up spam and mix it with your cabbage and make those pockets from that...I bet it would be pretty durned tasty! I grew up with spam, but will only eat it if fried like ham or bacon. It's great fried and added to mac'n'cheese!

Anonymous said...

hi Rachel, In Minnesota we call them Runza's. And they even have restaurants in Iowa and maybe nebraska that it is all they make!

So simple and so yummy

(wendy jones friend)


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