Thursday, February 28, 2013

State of the Household Address

 State of the Household Address:

 Kelsey loves to spend her extra time watching crafting youtube videos.  She got the great idea to make a duct tape mannequin of herself the other night.  So we did.  Silly girl.

 After I wrapped her up good and thick, I cut her out.
Then she taped the opening closed and stuffed it with newspaper.  It now sits in her room with a shirt on.  Silly girl.  I think I would have bad dreams with a body watching over me all night!

 The next night she wanted to make a melted crayon project she watched on youtube as well.  
Today her Colonial/Revolutionary War project was due at school.  I think she had to do 5 project units and for one of them, she made this sweet poster about period clothing.  She is a smart and responsible girl, and loves to create.  Create anything.

 Kendal is wearing an eye patch on her left eye for 10 hours, 6 days a week.  She is really great about it.
We took her to the eye doctor 2 weeks ago and in the first month she wore the patch, her vision with her glasses went from 20/70 to 20/25.  He thought that was incredible progress.  She has to wear the patch for 2 more months to refine her sight and make that eye stronger, and then she should be great!  YIPPEE!
She loves to play with baby Kenna and is the most helpful little girl around.
Her imagination is in full force and she and Emmitt are always superheros, royalty, or anything else they can dream up.  She is such a sweet little gal and tries so hard to please her parents.

On the days I can get Emmitt to wear real clothes instead of his Spiderman suit, we enjoy a mellow little boy.  When Spiderman or The Hulk take over, he is a wildman!  He usually goes to help Matt on the farm on Tuesdays and Saturdays and loves to help take care of the cows and fences and do whatever it is they do all day long.  He is a busy little boy, and loves it when his sisters get home from school.

Sweet Kenna is now 8 months old and is crawling all over the place.  When we need her to stay semi-still, we put her in the walker.  She can still follow me around the house with her wheels though.  She is a fantastic nighttime sleeper and has a wonderful temperament.  She makes us all laugh with her easy smile and magic blue eyes.

Matt is busy with work of course, and it is trich testing season for the bulls in state.  After his real work, he is busy collecting trich samples from bulls to be incubated and tested for any STD's.  March 5th 2011 was his big accident while trich testing bulls.  He broke 11 ribs, most in multiple places, broke his sternum in two places, separated his shoulder, and then deflated a lung.  With the 2 year anniversary coming up, we are glad he is well, although he still hurts from that accident.  The farm keeps him busy as well, but he loves it and enjoys the work.
I am busy, and suffering from some SPRING FEVER!
Good bye February and hello to March!  YIPPEE!

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Kay Ehrmantrout said...

I love Kelsey's ideas. Does she pinterest? Your family is so cute. How are you going to celebrate Matt's almost died day this year? I have a pretty long list of J's almost died incidents, but I do not have any dates of when they happened as they all occurred before we got married. Glad to hear that Kendal's eye has improved so rapidly. I love reading your blog.


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