Friday, June 21, 2013

Baptism day

I made Kendal's baptism dress from a bolt of nice pima cotton that once belonged to Matt's grandmother.  The same bolt I used for Kelsey's baptism dress as well.  I decided to go through my grandmother Lela's button jar and found 4 matching white buttons, with the thread from the last project still attached.  I cut the thread off, and sewed them onto the back of Kendal's dress.

I am the sentimental one, so I thought it was sweet that Kendal had a piece of two of her great grandmothers with her when she was baptized.

The service was fantastic and Kendal loved having her special day.  Kelsey played the violin while Kendal and the other two children who got baptized that day sang a song for everyone.  That was my favorite part of the program.  After the service, we had a little lunch BBQ at our house for friends and family that had traveled to attend Kendal's special day.

We had a great afternoon eating together, chatting together, laughing together, and playing together.  I appreciate all the good friends and family we have around us.


 Happy baptism day Kendal!  We love you!

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Jenny said...

Love it, love you, love your family.


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