Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My sweet sweet chicken coop!

I mentioned here, that back in April during Spring Break and Easter, we headed south and my dad made me a chicken coop.  I have been wanting one for a few years.  I helped a bit, but my dad is incredible, so did it most of it.

My dad brought it up to Heber during the first week of May - he is so incredible, he even delivers!
I was so worried about how in the world we were going to get it off the trailer and to where it needed to be, but my dad was cool as a cucumber, and smart!

We set the three railroad ties it would live on in place, and then used a few pvc pipe as rollers to roll that baby off.  Well, and a come-along to make sure it didn't roll too fast.  I told my dad I felt like an ancient Egyptian slave building the pyramids, huge block by huge block.

This picture was taken the first week of May - my new coop in its new home.

My sweet dad of course built a little pen/run area as well.  I love it, totally love it.

I bought some masonite and with my circular saw, got busy and finished the inside of the coop.  Well, my dad made the roost and the laying boxes, I removed them to finish the walls and then I put them back.  I felt very handy that day with a hear me roar attitude.

My dad added these sweet handles on both doors - so so cool.

This is Emmitt the day we went to go pick up the first 3 chickens.  The kids had so much fun playing in it before the chickens came.  I went out one day to find the laying boxes full of stuffed animal friends.  Silly kids.

These last two photos were taken today.  I have three more chickens, so 6 total, which isn't very many considering the size of the awesome chicken coop, but that is enough for me right now.  I love my new coop, and I love that my dad made it for me.  I love that it looks just at home in our yard and that we can enjoy cleaning up chicken poop and gathering eggs!

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