Friday, April 12, 2013

I think its a coop

They thought it was a stage.  Their very own stage for dancing and singing.
Boy did she dance and sing!

Then all the boards that were too long were cut off, and the framing for the walls went up.  
They thought it was fun, just super fun, even though it was cold.

They thought their Grandpa was so tricky, and Grandma too, because Grandma was the one that wrote on two little white pieces of paper and Grandpa hung them up with nails on each end.  
One said "playhouse" and the other said "chicken coop."

When the walls started to get put up, they thought it was warm, because it blocked the wind.

Even though Kenna felt horrible and was sick, she thought it was great fun to watch as well.

I think my parents are both amazing.  I think my dad is incredible.
I think my mom is fantastic.

Kendal thought that the the first little room was made especially for her, rather than storage for the chicken supplies; although it may also double as the coveted playhouse and bat cave.

 I thought it was great to hang out with my dad and run his chop saw.

Emmitt thought the windows were awesome and loved that one was right at his level.

I think the new chicken coop I have wanted for a couple of  years is going to turn out great.  
It will be worth the wait.

My dad sent me a picture of the completed coop yesterday.  We had to leave before it was completed.  He added the roof, the doors (with a sweet antler handle), the roost, and the boxes.
I made a post last winter about the coop I wanted my dad to make for me here
This one he made is much more amazing.
He is going to bring it up in a few weeks.  I can't wait!
Thanks DAD!  I think you are wonderful!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Amazing how children will turn any platform into a stage! Me and my siblings, as well as our children all automatically utilized the corner stair landing in my parents house as a 'stage' since it fronted the family room...with an instant audience in place.

And my first thoughts on your photos of the beginning stages of your coop, that would make a great playhouse! I guess all kids at heart think alike!

Rachel said...

I thought so as well!


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