Friday, April 19, 2013

Two red and white quilts, a century apart

Well, side by side - there they are!  The one on the left is a quilt that my dad received when his mother, my Grandma Lela, passed away a handful of years ago.  I have loved it since then.  I never saw it before my dad acquired it.  I had this idea this past winter that I wanted to reproduce it.  So I did.  I finally got it back from the quilter last week, and even though it is not bound, I had to lay them both out and take a few pictures. The one of the right is the one I made.

It was such an enjoyable project.  The entire time I made it, I thought of my Grandma Lela, even when I was picking out the fabric.  Notice that I even copied the HOLY SMOKES BUBBLEGUM PINK backing fabric.  Well, as close to the same color as I could find anyway.  So, I had thoughts of my grandma while sewing this quilt top, then I found out from a few uncles and aunts that my grandma probably didn't even make this quilt.  Those aunts and uncles remember this quilt on the bed at THEIR grandmother's home in Pleasant Grove while growing up.  My uncle says that she, my great grandmother Diantha, wasn't much of a quilter, so he thinks her mother might have made it and given it to her.  If that is so, my great great grandmother Annie Christianna Rasmussen Sorensen, born in 1871 in the Salt Lake Valley, made the quilt.

I am such a history lover, and a super sentimental person, and of course a quilt lover, so despite whomever made the quilt, I feel a deep love and appreciation to the amazing women that are a part of my grandma's maternal line.  My mind turns to them when I see their quilt, and the one I made as well. 
Here it is just laid out on my bed today.  I think it will live there one day, but not while I have many small children that LOVE to be on my bed and seem to have all sorts of dirtiness that the white fabric would love to take from them.  I will get it bound of course as well.  Yesterday was my Grandma Lela's 98th birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandma.

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Kay Ehrmantrout said...

I love the quilt. You did an astonishing job reproducing it. That must have been a fun math game to get all the red squares lined up correctly.


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