Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bat Cave

According to the STATS page on this blog, lots of folks visit my dutch bed post.  
It has had 3954 page views as of today.
I guess there are quite a few people wanting to make a dutch bed, and they google "dutch bed" or "cupboard bed" and my blog comes up as a hit.

If you want to see the post that explains my dutch bed brain child, visit here.  Dutch bed post

Emmitt and Kendal now share the room downstairs and last month we moved Emmitt into the dutch bed.  He calls it his BAT CAVE since superheros seem to constantly run through his little mind.
I took down the purple curtains, made some black ones, and Kelsey made him a Batman pillow for his birthday last month that he adores.  Simple enough - Bat Cave.

The end of his bed is not as organized as Kelsey or Kendal keep it when they sleep here, but it is his space and all is well.  He got an actual bat cave superhero-playhouse thing for Christmas that is usually at the end of his bed, but when I took this picture the other day, it was on the floor with Shaggy and Scooby Doo and of course Batman, participating in some adventure. 
Hooray for the Bat Cave Bed!
When I made that dutch bed, I had no idea it would be a bat cave one day.

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