Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have been working on a civil war dress for myself, and a few quilt tops, and since Kenna sleeps in the sewing room, or if you want to rephrase that to 'the sewing explosion is in Kenna's room,' I don't get to sew after the sweet lass is in bed at night or during naps.  So the other day I brought my machine and a few projects into the living room.  Kendal has been so interested in sewing lately, and when I was doing some handwork with the skirt, she asked if she could sew.

So, I got a few pieces of muslin and had her and Emmitt draw a simple little picture on them.  A flower and a house is what we ended up with.  I got out the embroidery hoops, thread, and needles, and they both went to town.  They LOVED it.

It kept Emmitt busy for about 3 minutes, and Kendal busy for about 3 hours.  Kendal felt the need over the past few days to complete Emmitt's as well.  He didn't like that idea, so I picked out her stitches and he has been working on his off and on, mostly off.  I have been waiting for the day for Kendal so show some interest in sewing, and it finally came!  I am one happy mom.  I think she will have quite a few little embroidery projects completed soon.  

Kenna cracks me up in these pictures.  She loves being with the big kids.

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