Thursday, October 24, 2013

how long does it take you to watch a movie?

My husband's birthday was at the first of the month.  I gave him the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice on dvd.  And a package of mini Snickers.  He was not really thrilled (SURPRISE!) If you know my husband, he was not thrilled at all, but he was a good sport.
We talked a few hours after he opened his new gifts.  I asked how his birthday at work had been and what he thought of his gifts.  He said it was a good day, but wondered why he got this dvd in particular, since his idea of a good movie is Ironman 8, or some movie with a suspenseful spying plot and amazing gadgets.

I then said, "Well, what did you give me for my birthday?" He couldn't remember.
I said, "Well, you gave me the Pirates of the Caribbean number 3 movie, and a family sized bag of peanut M&Ms."
He had a blank look on his face and said "OK?"
I told him that I hadn't even seen the second Pirates movie, could barely sit through the first one, and that I dislike peanut M&Ms.
He laughed.  Hard.

So, I asked him about 10 days ago if I could open the wrapping on his birthday gift and watch it.  He consented.  Well, I am happy to announcement that I completed it today!  YIPPEE!  It is only a 5 and a half hour movie, but it has taken me some time to get through it.  Not for lack of interest, for I have LOVED it, but for lack of time.  It was a wonderful watch!  I love the Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly, but I HAD to watch this one.
I made an 1820's time period, Jane Austenish, day dress last winter.  I think I need to sew up a ball gown now.  Oh, the Netherfield Ball scenes were incredible!  All of it was!  So, when the Christmas presents are all made, I will dive into another Regency dress.
I also laid out the 110 log cabin quilt blocks today on the front room floor.  I think I have decided on the layout.  Thanks to all the Facebook comments and opinions, and the ones here on the blog!  I will get busy!

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Kerin said...

So funny :)
You guys balance each other out, and that's just the way it should be.

What layout have you decided on for the quilt?

Have a great weekend!


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