Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Burn Baby Burn!

Last week, Emmitt and I unloaded this load of Aspen that Matt and his brother's family cut for us down south.  I like to burn a little Quaking Aspen - it starts up easy and is sort of like newspaper - nice and fast and not very hot.  It is a good wood to start a fire with, and is also great to revive a fire.

We usually get some Pinion Pine as well from down south, or some spruce from up here in Heber by Strawberry Reservoir.  Pinion burns hot hot hot, and spruce burns nice as well.  But, Matt wanted to try some lodgepole pine this year.

Since we had the wood trailer up here from the load of Quaking Aspen, and the back of the truck is no longer usable thanks to the new Bowie Vet box, we spent Saturday getting some Lodgepole Pine up above Kamas with the trailer.

We got up early and left the house by 8, drove for almost an hour, got a nice load in the snow, and came home.  The kids and I unloaded it while Matt did some cow herd work with a local cattleman for a few hours.  We all had lunch and went up again for another load.

We had a great afternoon as well.  Kenna loved the warmer part of the day with the afternoon sunshine on her, and the kids were glad we could ditch the snow pants and coats. 

My kids are good little workers, and Matt is a great big worker.  When we got home, Matt did a little chainsaw work while we unloaded the second load for the day.  Kendal and Emmitt were expert stackers, hopefully it won't fall over very soon.  Matt still has a ton of saw work to do, and splitting of course, but its a great start for the winter.  I love a good warm fire when the wind is howling outside and the snow is coming down sideways.  Its a safe toasty feeling.  Hopefully we enjoy the Lodgepole Pine and it burns nice and warm.

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Kerin said...

Stocking up on firewood for the winter is such hard work, but so rewarding.
The heat from a wood stove, or fireplace is so warm, and that warmth sinks right into the bones.
We set our furnace, and if it kicks on at night, then so be it.
Our general heating is accomplished through using the wood burning stove :)
Your kids are great helpers!! A family that works together, grows closer together :)

Smiles :)


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