Friday, October 11, 2013

lemon shortbread

I have a deep love of chocolate, a truly deep love and appreciation.  I also love anything lemon.  Anything.  I also happen to have a hankering for shortbread, so when I saw a post on a fun blog I follow that said lemon and shortbread in the same recipe, I had to try it. 

I doubled the recipe, because it was one of those days.  So it made 4 pie pans full of the delicious offering.  My neighbors appreciated the double batch.

So my review?
Delicious!  Lovely. Praiseworthy.  A good report!

Kerin's recipe can be found on her blog, at
Always Fixin' Never Sittin'.  She has some much better photos than I do, but
only here will you see my mug chowing down on the delicious little bits.
I got to eat 3 pieces while trying to get a photo of me devouring a piece!


Kerin said...

So glad that you are happy with the recipe.
I halved the recipe because our family is smaller.... big mistake!
They all got home from work, and "poof", they ate every piece of lemon shortbread!
Good thing I had already done my quality assurance test!!

Next time we make some, we should dip them in chocolate!

Happy weekend!!


Rachel said...

Dipped in chocolate? MMMMMM!! Sounds great!


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