Wednesday, October 16, 2013

an AH-HA moment

We had another fall day out in the forest over the weekend.
We packed a little picnic this time around and ate lunch in the trees.


The goal was to get one more monster load of firewood for the season.

My kids were great.  
Great little wood gatherers.

It was a brisk but pretty day and I was thinking about what a beautiful place I live as we went about our work.
I was also thinking about how blessed we are to have the opportunity to work together as a family.

As I was watching my sweet little ones haul the wood Matt had cut into the trailer, I was a little overcome with motherly emotions for a minute.

I thought about how blessed I am to have these little people in my life.  I realized how much they mean to me, how much I love them.
I am so lucky to be given these four little souls to raise.
My live would be incomplete without them.

So I cleared the lump in my throat, blinked away the few tears in my eyes, and finished loading the trailer.

Then I made Matt kiss me for the camera, much to his chagrin!


The Jones Fam said...

I don't think I could talk Jared into kissing me for a picture. I love that pic of Kenna propped up on the log with her Capri Sun! Love your family :)

Kerin said...

Loved this post!!! Took me back to the days that our kiddo's were that age. We always worked together as a family, and still do.
Working together, builds strong families :)

I love the picture of you and your hubby. It's wonderful for your kids to witness the love between their parents.

Enjoy this day.



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