Monday, September 08, 2014

Apple pie filling

There is an incredible woman who lives in Pullman, Washington named Diane Wilson.
When I was a 25 year old wife of a busy vet school student a long long ways from home,
she was my mother figure.

She is EVERYTHING I ever want to be when I grow up.
Smart, funny, spiritual, compassionate, giving, physically active, amazing gardener, amazing cook, well read, thoughtful, and just a great woman.
Since I met her, I have always thought I wanted to be like her.
She shared this delicious recipe with me, ITS SO SO GOOD!
I am sharing it with you. 
I think I will be making some this week.
You should as well.
Just remember to adjust the cooking time. 
Pullman's elevation is around 2500 feet, so you need to add 10 minutes boiling time if you are from 3000 to 6000 feet, and 15 minutes if you are between 6000 and 8000 feet.


Kerin said...


I made apple pie filling years ago, and it was so nice to have on hand. Particularly tasty warmed over ice cream ***smile**..

I'm so glad that you have a sweet forever friend!

As a young mother, years ago, and all alone in a new city and state, I can relate with needing a good friend.
How wonderful of your friend to be that for you :)


p.s Thank you for sharing the recipe!!

Robin Hughes said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. We are Apple picking in two weeks. Perfect timing!!! Thanks Rachel!!!


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