Monday, September 29, 2014

I have grapes!

I planted a Canadice seedless grape about 6 years ago by an awesome arbor my brother in law welded for me as a birthday gift.  Its a gorgeous arbor, but I was so excited for this new grape vine to cover it. It would just look so so cool.
Well, the grape struggled for a few years there by the arbor; only getting a foot or so tall and never really even touching the bottom rung of the arbor.
So I dug it up and moved it.  I replanted it right by the deck.  Same sun situation, just not so many kids tramping over it and a bit more water.  Last year it did so great.  It grew along the deck railing and was so so lush and pretty. 
This year its really happy.  REALLY happy.

Its so happy that it gave me grapes!  There are about 10 of these clusters of grapes on my grape vine this year.  I just tasted one.  They still need a little more time I think, but the flavor is so strong and delicious, its like chugging grape jelly! And who doesn't like grape jelly?  Oh, especially with some peanut butter and wheat bread!

Anyway, I am glad my grape is so happy.  I did send my brother in law a photo and asked him to weld me something for next year so we can get on the deck without being attacked by the foliage.  We live in an alpine valley where grapes are not something that really grows well here.  So, my grape vine thinks it is pretty cool.

There is so much fall yard work to do, but how am I supposed to mow the lawn with a distraction like this?


Robin Hughes said...

My grapes are doing OK. I hope to get a good amount next year!!! I would be distracted by that sweet girl too!!!

Kerin said...

Good little grape vine, it never gave up ***smile**.

My Dad grew beautiful grapes in Provo. I wish I had one of his grapevines now.. how great that would be.


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