Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grandma's Irises

Summer has arrived! I just wanted to share a picture of some of my irises that used to be my Grandma Lela's. We turned her garden into a playground and I brought home 3 piddly little irises 2 years ago. This year they are taller than Kelsey and are blooming wonderfully. I would like to think I got some of my grandma's green thumb. She was an amazing gardener.

Kelsey and I put the canopy on the whatever-that-is-called yesterday. It is getting warm enough now that a little shade over the sand box will be nice!

We got this last summer when Kendal was nasty sick with her nasty horrible seizure medicine. She couldn't be in the heat or else her blood pressure would sky rocket and the meds (then and now) don't let her sweat so she can get overheated. This will be a great summer.

Kendal does not like sand in her toes though. She would love it if her feet would not get sandy but she could still play in the sandbox. I am not sure about this behavior of hers, she is so oblivious to so many other things!

I was laying, lying, whatever the proper word is, last night in bed thinking about the hard time I gave my teacher Mr. Bagley. I should not blame my unknowledge on him, I really shouldn't. He taught me US History in high school and I remember the phrases "no taxation without proper representation" and "The Emancipation Proclamation" really well. I have decided to send the blame elsewhere for my WWII naivete's and that would be Mr. Larry Andersen. He taught me World Civilization and all I remember about that class is watching Lawrence of Arabia for 3 weeks straight. Or maybe I will blame Mr. Dale Tiffany. He was supposed to teach us some kind of history in middle school and I don't remember ANY history from that class! Okay, maybe I should take a little blame myself, was passing notes and NOT reading the chapter the reason for not learning what I should have? Is that why I hated history then and love it now? I am not sure, but it makes me feel better to see from the very few of you that voted, that you didn't know too much about the children of Chabannes either.

By the way, I know not very many of you voted because I hit my 10,000 visitors mark last week. Using the math I learned from Mr Bray and Mr Porter-Peden, if I take 10,000 and divide it by the 300 days or so I have been blogging, I get around 33.33 visitors a day here. Not too many, but enough of you that could vote and own up to your history education and make me feel better about mine! Hey, thanks for the 10,000 anyway!


Jenny said...

Your Yard is Beautiful!!!!!

Krista said...

I love irises! They look great! I love your sandbox cover. It looks pretty. I am so impressed with your green thumb. You are a "jack of all trades!"

Anonymous said...

Do I need to pay you 2 for all the compliments?
Thanks so much!!



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