Sunday, June 01, 2008

Brit and Jer

I lived with some really fun girls at Utah State University before Matt and I got married, Stacy, Donna, and Britney. We had such a good time together. There were also a few guys that hung around our apartment quite a bit, Matt, Mike, and Jeremy. There were a few others, but those are the ones that matter. Anyway, Matt and I were engaged and everyone else was just great friends. Britney and Jeremy, Stacy and Mike, and Matt and I went to the Homecoming Dance together. After that, Britney and Jeremy turned into Brit and Jer and they got married 13 days after Matt and I. We missed their wedding because it was the same night as our open house reception in Salina.
Well, Brit and Jer came to visit us this weekend! It was so great to see them! They stopped by on Friday morning on their way to other friend's and family's houses. We had a nice visit and I was very inspired to be a better mom. Britney is an amazing mom.

So here we are on Friday when they stopped to visit. Matt was feeling bad about not being able to see them and I guess Jeremy wanted to talk with Matt, so Saturday evening they stopped in again on their way back home. They got here around 5:30 and left around 9:30 and then they were going to drive all night back to Colorado so Jeremy could go to work this morning at 6:00 am. I hope all went well for them, I prayed for them last night when I crawled into my snuggly bed and knew they were driving across Wyoming!

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and ate fruit and beans. It was the perfect Saturday night. The kids played together well and hopefully some of Britney's kids' manners rubbed off on mine because I think Heavenly Father sent Britney little angels for children. I was thinking last night, "Does she beat them into submission? Does she love them into submission? Or are they just really great kids?" I am not sure. Britney, let us in on your secret because it is amazing how sweet all SEVEN of them are!

This is Kendal's smile after 8 marshmallows. I think she had a few more a little later. She loved it. She loved playing with the other kids and of course loved being outside all night! Oh, look in the background. I finally got my vegetable garden planted yesterday. HOORAY! I have been putting it off because I hate going outside to cover the corn with bed sheets at 11:00 pm when I realize it is going to freeze that night. Since it is now June, hopefully I won't have to do that too many times.

Like I said, the kids all played great together.

Britney's girls and Kelsey took turns burying each other. Here is Kelsey and Peyton. Kelsey asked me last night after our friends had left "Mom, can we really go to Colorado and see them and when can I get a brother?"


mom said...

Looks like a great, fun time.
Don't ya just love summer!!

Jenny said...

I really need to visit Brit and have some of her and Jer's kids manners rub off on me and my kids!


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