Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jen is having a girl!

Amanda, Heather, and I had a little party (I dislike the word shower - who came up with that anyway?) for Jen the other day. She is having a sweet little girl after 3 boys, so we figured she could use some pink and purple. It was a fun evening and the weather was gorgeous. We had the get together at my neighbor Gwen's house. She has an amazing yard and her back deck was perfect.

It was fun to sit and chat with everyone that came and get to know Jen's other friends. Amanda arranged some killer wonderful food that we all enjoyed too. Thanks for a great evening ladies!

Heather had a Homeland Security issue and had to head home early to take care of her soldiers, so she missed our little picture of the ladies. Here is Jen, due in 3 weeks, sweet neighbor Gwen, Amanda the Amazing, and Rachel, dressed in black.


*Crusan said...

Rachel you are a great friend to do that for sweet Jen!

Krista said...

What a good friend you are. I hope that she had a lot of fun! I agree with you about the word "shower". Who on earth came up with that one?

Epperson Family said...

I think the shower thing means to shower the person with gifts, but Lyn always says it's kinda kinky to think that girls get together to have a shower. Sorry I missed the picture. Y'all look great though!


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