Thursday, June 05, 2008

What a great day!

The first Thursday of the month has rolled around again and that means QUILT GUILD MEETING! HOORAY!

Our guild meeting this month is going to be so exciting! We all get to turn in the round robin quilt tops we have been working on and get ours back. Here are pictures of one of the round robin tops I had this month, a fun chicken block. The first picture is how I received it - with 2 borders already added to the center chicken block.

This second picture shows the border I put on it. The quilt tops get returned to their owners (the person who made the center block) and I am so excited to get mine back! I can't wait to see what my quilt guild friends did to it and see how the borders they added turned out.

We also have our design challenge quilt show. I have a bit more quilting to do on it, then maybe I will take a picture of it before I take it to guild so I can post it for you to see. It is quite, what is the wording, interestingly not my style. That is why it is called a CHALLENGE!

Anyway, I love quilt guild days. They make me smile.


Auntie A from SD said...

that quilt looks great.. I wish I had the patience to do that anymore.. If I get one tied I think I am doing great.. Keep it up..

Spencer's Adventures said...

Cute! I saw a chicken quilt displayed at the library from your group-and a bunch of others. You guys are so talented. I love those chickens though! Hope you like your piece when you get it back!

Epperson Family said...

Looks like so much fun! I really wish I could go tonight:( I'm going to miss all you gals!

Krista said...

Very fun quilt block. You guys are very creative. I'm about ready to hire you to come and do mine. I still only have one piece of material cut out...only four more pieces to go (and about 100 blocks to cut still...yikes!).

mom said...

You are so creative,,,,, and such a great imigination,,,,, and fantastic talent.
Keep it up,,,,,ya gotta show us what happened with your block.

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

Rachel that was so much fun.
boy are those ladies talented.
thanks for telling me about it.
now if only I could be that


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