Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kami is now a Williams

Last Saturday we left our camping and horsing adventure and came down to Kami, our neighbor's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, and of course I didn't get any pictures of that! It was up in Woodland and it was the perfect day for a wedding. The flowers were beautiful, the weather was perfect, the decorations were gorgeous, the bride was smiling, and my girls were cute.
I didn't get my camera out until we were getting ready to leave. Kelsey and the other little girls were crowding them pretty well while they were opening gifts and I had retrieved Kendal out of the makeup, kitty litter, toilet paper, horse corral, and away from the cake table too many times, so I figured it was time to hit the road and go home. I did get a few shots first. Why couldn't I get my camera out before then and get some good pictures? Probably because I was too busy making sure Kendal was not destroying something. I really hope she didn't!

Congrats Kami and Jon and thanks Kim and Debbie for a wonderful afternoon. You guys did a great job, and the food was delicious!


Epperson Family said...

She looks so happy, just like a princess. I wish we could have went it sounds like a lot of fun!

Jenny said...

Kami looks so beautiful! I love the Dress. I want to know what Debbie wore???? I see a lot of black and white and Red. Debbie do you read these things? Lets see a family wedding woodland picture.

*Crusan said...

is this the Kami who has started coming to Quilt guild? How beautiful!


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