Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Last Saturday our little family drove to Nephi and hooked up with Matt' mom Ellen, his sister Mindy and her girls, and Matt's aunt Laura for a day of Memorial Day grave visiting. My little girls were so excited to see their cousins, they love playing with cousins. We went to the Nephi Cemetery first and then we headed to Sanpete County.

We visited Fountain Green, Moroni, and Spring City cemeteries together. It was a fun morning. I love Sanpete County, I could so live there. I got to see Orson Hyde's grave (he was one of the original 12 apostles in this dispensation with Joseph Smith), it was very cool. We also took a picture of one of Ellen's grandfathers headstones and all of our children. Oh, I forgot, Emiko and her kids met up with us also. Anyway, we got a cool picture of that generation, meaning Kelsey and crew, with the headstone. It is amazing because Kelsey and all the kids are 8 generations down from him, amazing!

The worst part of the trip was when we were leaving the Moroni cemetery. Kelsey and her cousin Judd were stomping on spiders on the cement holding the headstones and I had told them to stop a few times. Kelsey was getting really close to getting a Wayne County Whoopin so I grabbed her arm and told her to stop it and I meant it. She then said VERY loudly "But mom, I am killing the spiders and the bugs so they won't go in the ground and eat the human bodies!" There were ALOT of people at the cemetery paying their respects to loved ones and decorating graves that heard my little muskrat say that. I ducked my head, grabbed her arm, and we walked very quickly to the truck. She got a little talk about being respectful at cemeteries and she said she was being respectful, she really was worried about the people in the ground. Then we had a little talk about how people are buried and what is inappropriate to say. She wasn't trying to be a booger, honestly. I hope we didn't ruin anyone's day at the cemetery!

On Monday we attended the Memorial Day service at the Lyman cemetery. It was nice but the wind was horrible. Every year they choose a grave to perform the gun salute over and honor. This year they honored a kid named Dustin Turner. I say kid because was quite a bit younger than me, but he was still a man when he died. He had served in the Middle East and had served his country. I am such a patriot at heart, so of course I cried.


JaReD, ToRi, & TaYloR said...

That cracks me up about Kelsey!! She has such an honest heart and its so cute!!

Spencer's Adventures said...

Maybe that is not funny if you are the mom, but I would be cracking up if I heard a little kid say that while I was in a cemetery!

Jenny said...

It always gets to me when they Play Taps. Taps signals the end of the day, when everyone is to go to sleep. My father who retired from the Navy, would like to have a funeral service like that. He asked Brian to play taps for him. My Uncle John passed away unexpected a few years ago. He set my mom and dad up, and also was the main reason they joined the church. I remember they played taps on a CD player. It wasn't the same as hearing a bugle play it, but it was still very hard to see those men all dressed in uniform with their guns and to hear that beautiful music, telling us it is time to go to sleep. I too love this country, Rachel thanks for the reminder.

Jenn said...

The spider story ended different than I expected. I was laughing so hard.


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