Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life is good, the sun is shining

The weather is wonderful in Heber City, Utah! Today was very nice and so was yesterday. We have been outside and it has been great. I really need to mow and weed wack, but I think that will not get done until next week. Oh well.
Here is Kendal on the trampoline yesterday. I had to take a picture of her jumping with her NON WEIGHT BEARING cast on because she got it taken off today. HOORAY! You have NO idea how wonderful this event is. I have been packing her around for 6 weeks, or else she has crawled and drug that poor leg around, or, like the last 2 weeks, she has been walking on it. She has some MAJOR calluses on her little toes from scraping, rubbing, and walking on them. She has been a good sport, but I am ready for this chapter to be over. I also need to go get a massage, I have this horrible 'carry Kendal knot' under my shoulder blade!

Kelsey and Jacob were playing in our neighbors yard yesterday. They were catching butterflies. When they saw me taking their picture, they posed and hid their 'farmer rigged' bug catching net. Kelsey has a net, but of course it was not long enough, so they got a few sticks and taped the sticks onto the bug net to make it longer. It was so funny to see this flying pink net over the top of the fence trying to find a butterfly.

Derek and crew were also out yesterday in nice weather. They have been shooting their bows every chance they get. It has been fun to see them not know anything about bows, buy them, shoot them, and then 'Robin Hood' their arrows because they are getting so good.

She is so dang cute, and she loves being outside. Now that her cast came off today, we are going to play in the sand box tomorrow. She loves to play in the dirt. She was outside helping me weed a few weeks ago until I saw her getting a handful of dirt and watching it fall into her cast!! Life is good now, I guess it always has been.

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Krista said...

Yay for Spring! Congrats on surviving the six weeks!


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