Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Buttons!

I started this post Sunday morning and then my Internet died for the day so I couldn't finish this Mother's Day post for my mom. So here is to you mom, Happy Mother's Day!!

My mom is the little girl in the blue dress. She is showing that dress off that her mom had made her, so cute! My grandma died when my mom was seven, so there are not alot of pictures of my mom and my grandmother together.

This one is at my mom's birthday party. She has one friend giving the bird and two brothers at the front acting a little crazy. Who is the kid in the corner looking like his punch just got spilled? Poor kid. Mom? How many candles are on that cake?

My mom and her little sister Noreen.

This one says 1967, so my mom was a teenager and her two older sisters were long gone and married by then. This left her with Tuv, Mack, and Noreen and baby Scott is somewhere I think.

Look at this screaming red/orange hair! I love it! It matches the red rocks of Torrey!

My mom was a cheerleader in high school, go team go.

My mom is the second from the left. She has always had great legs!

My mom is going to kill me, but this is her in a bikini! This is Duella Brown with her for the rest of you folks that are Wayne Countians.

More crazy red hair. I thought of Derek when I saw that ancient snow mobile!

Thanks mom, for being such a good mom when I was little, even as I was a horrible teenager, and now you are a wonderful mom to me and a super fun grandma to my kids.


mom said...

Can i say,,OH MY HELL... these pics are too funny!!
The boy at the party, he was the only boy there, besides my brothers,,,his name is Delmer Eckersely,(i think he lives in Salina now) and he hated being there.Not sure on the candle thing, maybe 10??
Hope Duella don't see this, she would kill you,,, LOL
And you weren't THAT bad a teenager, just a bit moody,, i see some of the lil shits now,, and i am so glad that i had the kids that i do,,,, it could have been so much worse.
Thanks for the Mothers Day wishes,,,,, all i can say to you and Tori,,,,"paybacks are hell" (with a big grin on my face)

Krista said...

You do have an awesome, cute mom! I love all the old pictures! Hope you all had a great mother's day!

Jenny said...

Buttons from the moment I met you I loved your legs! WOW and now I have seen you and Duella in a bikini, I can live out my life in peace! Those were some frills on that bikini top! Happy Mothers day "big grin on your face Buttons!"

Anonymous said...

We do have the coolest mom with the hottest legs! Happy Mothers Day Mom! The paybacks are hell thing scares me because I also know what kind of child Jared was! It might be scary in a few years!!

LeEllen said...

Love the pictures! Aren't mom's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, This is your cousin jodi. I have been reading your blog lately and it's been fun to see pictures of everyone. I haven't got to see any of you in such a long time! I have a question, where did buttons get her name. I tell people I have an aunt buttons and they don't believe me.

Anonymous said...

LeEllen and Jodi on one post!!
Hello guys!
Nice to hear from you two.
Jodi, my mom supposedly had a button nose when she was tiny, so they called her buttons and it stuck, like stuck FOREVER!

Hope all is well with both of you!


Anonymous said...

jodi- there are links to Mari, Tacey, Tori, and Sara's blogs too. I guess you have seen them.

Buttons said...

((((((Jodi,,,LeEllen))))) Yayayayaya. good to hear from both of ya,,,,This is kind of a cool way to keep up with each others lives,, LeEllen, i have checked out your blog too,,,, cool!
Hope all is well in both your worlds.

Jenn said...

That is a super cute bikini. I'm loving all the lace. They just don't make them like they use to. ;)

Epperson Family said...

Cute pictures! HappY Mother's Day to everyone! I think i see a lil' bit of your Mom in our sweet Kendal. Do You? P.S. Love the bikini!


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