Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home Machine Quilting Show

Thursday I went to SLC to the Home Machine Quilting Show. WOW! What a super time! I took a ton of pictures, but here are just a few of my favorites. Bear with me.

Mom, I took this wild colored one for you.

This is me and John Flynn, a BIG DAWG in the quilting world. I was trying to give you all a good metaphor of who he is, but I can not think of anything. I want to say he is the Micheal Jordan of quilting, but that sure dates me and shows how much I have watched basketball in the past 15 years. I would like to say he is the A-Rod of baseball, but he isn't. Lets see, how about John Flynn is to quilting as wheat is to 7 grain bread. No, how about John Flynn is the ray of sunshine on a cold rainy day.... just kidding! But he is the cat's meow and he was super nice when I asked him for a picture. He makes and sells his own named quilting frames and has his own line of threads marketed by Superior Threads, and he just has an amazing quilting style. He is cool, that is all there is to it and I have a picture with him! Andy Haskell, this is like you standing by John Stockton, seriously. Okay, that dates me again, this is like you standing by some basketball or baseball player that you completely adore and would say dumb stuff to because you are so excited to be by him. Does everyone get the picture so I can stop rambling?

Kendal was a handful, but she did great. I thought it was great, she was reading this quilting show book. I am starting her early!

I had a quilt in the quilt show, can you believe that? There is a quilt challenge called QUILT CHALLENGE AND AUCTION that we entered in this year. We did it last year and won 1st place, so why not try again? They give you, and everyone else entering, the same group of fabrics, a list of rules and then you get to make a wall hanging quilt and it gets auctioned off for charity. This year everyone got fabrics from the same line, a Marie Osmond collection that I think is very pretty. When we started this project, there were about 7 ladies doing it, but as time went on and the deadline got closer, we still hadn't done too much as a group. When the deadline came and went and we still didn't have a quilt, my neighbor Debbie decided to wake up and smell the roses! The show was counting on a quilt from us and we needed to make one. So, three of us, Debbie, Deonn, and I made this gorgeous quilt in about 72 hours. I say that because I can't count days. There were too many late nights for us and no nights for Deonn so we could finish this little honey and turn it in before the judges showed up. I think it turned out amazing and I am glad I have good friends that let me in on a good thing every now and then. They make me look good. We ended up in second place this year. Darn it, but it was still so nice to complete such a gorgeous piece of work.

We went to the awards ceremony which included a dessert buffet. Kelsey thought the chocolate covered strawberries were wonderful. So did I!

This is one of the quilts that was also entered in the quilt challenge and auction. I loved it. It spoke to me. I forgot to mention we had a theme to work around, Heirlooms - Wrapped up in our Quilted Past. I sure loved this one, and it was made by a great quilter, Kaye Evans. How very inspiring to be able to see such great quilters at work!

This one here is the quilt that won first place this year. It sure is pretty, but I love our use of the fabrics given to us a whole lot better! It was such a fun evening to go and see the quilts, I wish I could have spent more time there just cruising up and down the aisles and aisles of pretty quilts.


mom said...

Wowowo, those quilts are all so amazing,,,, and i really did like the wild colored one,,I thought the quilt you guys done shoulda took first, but second place is still pretty good.
It's so cool that you do this quilting and that you love it so much.Way to go Rach!!!!

Krista said...

Your quilt totally should have won! It was way cute!

Jenny said...

Fabric, first place didn't use any fabric but cream!!!! I think that you should have won 1rst place, maybe next year when I am helping it will all go smoother... I love the lady with the quilt on her lap. Did she place? That quilt I think is one of my all time favorites!

Jenn said...

I want the quilt you guys made. I love the colors and everything. I'd offer you $ for it but it would insult the value of the work-- I'm limited because of budget and lets face it I'm cheap.

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

The purple one is beautiful.
I will take that one. Sorry
I didn't make it to the last
quilt thingy at church do I
still have time to catch up?
I do love quilts and appreciate
all the hard work that goes into


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