Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is mine is also Kendal's

Wow, a week since my last post! We went away for the long long weekend and yesterday all I did was laundry and tried to get things back in place. Today is a little more relaxed and the weather is crumby. I was supposed to weed wack today, darn it!

It has been 2 weeks today since Kendal got her cast off, and just yesterday she started walking flat footed. She has been walking on her tip toes because her ankle joint is so stiff and her ligaments and tendons tightened up on her. But yesterday was the break through day, she walked on her entire foot not just those sore little toes! She has been doing pretty good today, but when she is in a hurry, she gets back on her toe. You should see that girl run, it is amazing she can move so fast on her toes!

I got this foot massager for Christmas and we broke it out again last week to soak poor little Kendal's foot. I thought it would help loosen it up and make moving it easier. I think it helped, but Kendal sure enjoyed the massager anyway. She liked the jets button, the vibrate button, and the bubble button. Kelsey had to have a turn too, after Kendal went to bed.

We put my ankle socks on Kendal's casted foot because they fit pretty well. My socks worked great until she either went down in the basement and slid across the concrete, or went outside and scooted down the sidewalk. My socks didn't stand a chance against that abuse, so one afternoon Matt wrapped her cast and holey sock with duct tape. Wow, my respect for duct tape has increased immensely. It can withstand my daughter and my driveway for at least 10 minutes!

I had a great excuse to go buy myself new socks last week. Kendal used and killed every pair I had but one nice bamboo fiber pair that I only let her wear to church once because they were nice and really white!


LeEllen said...

According to a military doctor, who was treating my husband at the time, duct tape will also cure plantar's warts on the bottom of your foot. So you see...duct tape really is the miracle invention.

Lindsay said...

Leave it to a veterinarian to pull out the duct tape :) Glad to hear that Kendal is all healed up!

Epperson Family said...

I'm glad Kendal is doing better! I will have to let you borrow Lyn's Book of 365 ways to use Duct Tape. Glad you got to go get new socks those ones were pretty sad!

mom said...

Yayayayaayya, Glad she is fianlly putting some weight on the foot,,,maybe it will be a good summer, after all.

tacey said...

Maybe Camden and Kendal will both need pedicure by the time summer is over. From your comment about the twister cables- His feet turn in so the cables are hooked to his braces and then you twist the brace the same way his feet are turned and then put them on his feet. Then the tension from the twisted cable pull back on his feet and make them straight and not turned in- that way he hopefully doesn't trip himself. Does that make sense??


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