Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gerard Butler, thanks to Barbara

I have the funniest friend named Barbara. I know her from quilt guild. I remember one guild meeting 2 years ago when she brought in a quilt she had made that had some guy's pictures plastered all over it. She even had made a pillow case with him on it to match the quilt. So dang funny! It turned out that guy is Gerard Butler. At the time she made the quilt, the only big movie he had been in was Phantom of the Opera. Barbara could not stop talking about him, so cute, so hot, you know the story.
Last year at our quilt retreat Barbara was telling us that one of her sons had gotten an autographed magazine for her birthday, so sweet! Barbara's eyes twinkle when she tells the story, it is so great to hear her talk about Gerard Butler. I want to say that she even brought her pillowcase to retreat, but I might be lying. Maybe she just talked about it.
Well this year at the quilt retreat just last week, Gerard Butler came up again. He has been in a few more movies so people knew who he is other than the Phantom of the Opera guy. After our retreat Barbara sent me an email saying that I should go purchase this movie (PS I LOVE YOU) and that is was on sale this week. So I went to Movie Gallery and rented it the other day. I watched it yesterday. For those of you who have not seen it, get ready for alcohol consumption, a little bit of first date hook ups, and massive tears. I am not sure why I cried so much in this movie. Is it really that sad/happy/sweet or is it just a totally hormonal time of the moon phase for me? I seriously cried and cried, but I enjoyed the movie. I really like Hilary Swank and she is in it too, plus Gerard keeps that killer accent of his in this movie!
I did miss 300 that he starred in due to it being rated R, although I did watch the documentary at the library about the whole battle/war/story and it was super. Of course it didn't have a picnic lunch with Gerard Butler, but the story is amazing.
I did see that he is in Nims Island, I think we better watch that one soon too. Maybe I am becoming Barbara, not sure. I wish I could quilt like her though! This picture is autographed for her.

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