Tuesday, November 03, 2009

how very cooll

Have you ever watched a movie that is set back in time in the 18th or 19th century and someone in the movie gets a letter and it is sealed like this? Have you ever thought "Wow, how would it be to get mail with a gooey glob of gunk sealing it, and some cool imprint stamped on it, just for me?"

Well, I have, and I got mail yesterday just like that!
Check it out!

Yeah, Larry Bowman, Infantry Surgeon of the Kentucky 2nd Regiment of the Confederate Army sent me a letter and it looks like this. It is dated Oct 1863. I totally dig it.

Pictures of my past few weeks 1860s sewing adventures coming up!


mom said...

That is wayyyyy cool,and I love the caligraphy. Very nice.

Halloween pics of the kids is darling also.

Jenny said...

That writing is amazing! Oh to be in your cool group right now! So when are you getting a family seal and wax??

your sister said...

I dont know if I could open a seal liek that--I would just want to look at it.
I think that you are awesome!!

Kate said...

lol you are crazy!
when you decide to come back east and visit all the Civil War sites let me know :)

Rachel said...

you are so on Kate!

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

They have lots of reenactments back east. Even at gettysburg.
Have lots of friends who do that.
Is way cool stuff.


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