Sunday, November 08, 2009

Veteran's Day Parade

I have been sewing nearly nonstop for about 3 weeks to get something to wear to the Veteran's Day parade in Ogden this past weekend. I know, it doesn't look like much, but understand that there are many LAYERS under that skirt!

My friend Amanda and I joined the Utah Civil War Association and this was our first activity with them. We were super nervous, but it turned out to be such a fun, great day. She and I have been preparing and ignoring everything else in our worlds to get ready. This is the group of guys we hooked up with at the parade. They were very nice and super friendly. I am not sure if they realize what they are getting themselves into by letting us join, but it is too late now!

Amanda has some haversacks that we filled with tootsie rolls to throw out. We realized VERY quickly that we were the ONLY ones in the entire parade that were throwing candy. It might have been against the rules, I am not sure. But I threw some to the guy with the microphone that was announcing all the parade entries and he didn't cuff me and drag us off. Actually he said " . . . and here are the Civil War soldiers. Oh, and look, the ladies are throwing hardtack tootsie rolls. The war between the states was an important . . . "

My mom took these pictures. She and my dad came up for the weekend. They stayed with us Friday night, took care of my kids on Saturday (parade day), bought us a delicious Ogden lunch, and then went to stay with Tori Saturday night. They were wonderful. I am not sure what I would have done without them. Matt had to work in Roy on Saturday and then in Heber City preg checking cows for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Thanks so much mom and dad!!

Amanda's family also came to watch the parade and play the day away in Ogden. It was so fun to see them. When we were tossing candy, we made sure to keep a reserve for our very own little ones. After we saw them, the candy disappeared in a matter of seconds!

I didn't get to see the parade, obviously, but it looked like a good one from where we were. My brother would have LOVED the bagpipers! I really liked seeing the spectators with signs they had made that said "Thank you Veterans" or "Thanks for my Freedom." I am a patriot at heart and it made me happy to see grateful Americans at the parade cheering on our way of life.

I left my house Saturday morning around 8:30. I left all my kids with my parents, who came down to Ogden an hour or so later. I met up with them again around noon. My sweet little Emmitt and I have never been apart that long before because I am his main source of nourishment. He was getting VERY hungry and was so happy to see me again! Thanks again Mom and Dad for a super fun day. Thanks Amanda for having such a good time with me - getting dressed in the parking lot and all!

We are going to have a super fun time doing this. I hope everyone knows that this is open for everyone. The folks are so layed back and just want to have a good time. If you are interested in joining the party, you should. Check out the link


Anonymous said...

Amen SISTA! That was so much fun. We were so nervous and now that that's over it's all about having fun and participating in "Wholesome Activities" like balls and some good southern (or Northern if you prefer) grub!!!! My Dad got a crack up over the full length mirror in the back of the trunk and then leaning against your car as our own personal dressing room for all the world to see. SOrry about you car key. I'm on that one! BTW Your parents are great. I love how supportive. Give your parents a year and we'll have your Dad adn brother "Fightn' Worr" and your Mom stitchin' the banner for all the future parades:) Good times!!!

mom said...

Me? Stitchin? YEAH, RIGHT
You lose a button in my house, and your doomed,,,might as well throw it away,,,,,cause I don't stitch.
Anyway, it was a great day,,,, the weather was awesome,,,as was the parade, and you girls and your wonderful dresses.

Jenn said...

I want to see a close-up of those dresses girls! Sounds like a fun one for you guys.

Krista said...

I love that you are into this. I should get you in touch with my friend, Sheralyn. She a huge Cival War buff and is constantly going to the reenactments.
Your dress looks incredible! Great job!

Anonymous said...
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