Monday, November 09, 2009

stinking cute baby shoes

When we were school shopping for the girls this year I saw some darling 'soft shoes' at Sketchers for Emmitt. They were nice soft shoes that little kids can wear without lugging around heavy, hard, HUGE shoes. I loved them, but not for the Park City price of $30.

Since then I have kept my eyes open for some cute soft shoes like that for him that weren't so much money. I never found any, well I did on a little girl named Charlee, but they were on her feet and not for sale! With all of the clothing research and blog stalking I have been doing for my Civil War adventure, I found a site that shows you how to make soft shoes for babes.
So last night I cut them out and today I put them together. Keep in mind, this is my first attempt and there are definately things I will change on the next pair I make. But TA-DA!

They are blue corduroy on the outside, leftovers from a sleeping bag I made for Kelsey when she was 4 months old. The lining is leftover red fleece from a hat I made for Kendal when she was a baby.

I sewed them up while Emmitt was napping today. Here they are on - he loves them. Well, I don't think he could care less. I love them! How nice to keep his little feet warm this winter. The boy eats his socks and won't leave them on!

Here is the link if you are interested. The directions seem a little intimidating, but they are not so bad. If you want to make some and want to know my tips, let me know.


Anonymous said...

They turned out great!

mom said...

Cute, cute cute.
They look darling, and I bet he loves them.

TORI said...

Oh, I sooo could have used these with Brogan, considering that his feet were too fat to fit into shoes until he was almost a year old. Very cute Rach!


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