Friday, November 27, 2009


We went to Nephi for Thanksgiving this year and it was FABULOUS! Aunt Laura. Ellen, and the rest of the Nephites did a fantastic job. We love going there. Matt loved going there when he was growing up, and our kids look forward to it also.

My little Emmitt with his grandpa and his dad.

It was such a beautiful day! The kids played outside quite a bit and it was so nice not to have 15 kids cooped up in the house all day long!

Kendal and Alissa (I think)
Kendal just calls the twins her 'cousins,'
I am not sure if she cares that they have names!

post turkey coma
Mike, Sarah, and Mark

the 15 grandkids again
Here they all are and so stinking cute.
Alynn made a treasure hunt for them. They LOVED it! They are all holding tootsie roll prizes from the treasure hunt excitement.

And here WE are!
For some reason, Grandma B's porch is always the place to take pictures!
I had such an enjoyable day. I loved chatting with my sister in laws, Matt's aunts and uncles, his parents, and his cousins. I really didn't want to leave. I could have stayed there for another couple of hours, but I guess we have to get back to reality sometime. I really was waiting for the steamed pudding to digest so I could have some more!

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