Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday School Days at Heber Valley Civil War Weekend

Just a few pictures I took from our school day Friday. We had 400 homeschool, charter school, and a few local 4th grader kids in the morning. In the afternoon we had all the juniors at the local high school that take US History come too. It was a fabulous day. Everyone did their jobs and manned their stations well, thanks UTCWA members!

One station was medical by Union medic Westbroek and Confederate doctor Bowman.

Amanda and Caleb had everyone singing Goober Peas.

Amanda, MaryAnn, and I did a little blib on civilians, including lady's fashion, what kids wore (they loved Emmitt in a dress!), and music.

Kris, Jake, Austin, Spike, and the Wegner boys' station was military drilling and firearms.

The school kids learned about drilling with our 'new recruit' demonstration, and a few even joined in as new recruits.

Emmitt has a silly little grin, he was such a good boy all weekend.

Jamin and Doug taught about uniforms - both Union and Confederate.

Dee is telling one interested young one about stacking arms.

Thank goodness my dad and mom came up for the weekend. Emmitt LOVED being with his grandpa and grandma, and I needed their help badly!

The cavalry unit did a really great demonstration for the high school juniors. I was very impressed, and so were they. The artillery also did a demonstration, but I missed taking pictures of them.
That about sums up our school day on Friday. I think it was a fabulous success. I will post more pictures from Saturday, when I get some more from my sis, but for now, here is Kelsey.

Kelsey spent most of Saturday afternoon in the shade with my neighbors, the Proctors, carding and spinning wool. She quite enjoys activities like that, she amazes me. They say she even got a nice rhythm down with the spinning wheel, she is learning so much.


lissawi said...

Looks like a lot of fun and I'm sure the school kids learned a ton!

Amy said...

My, everyone looks so smart in their 1860s duds! I bet you all had lots of fun. School days can be great times for interaction. I rarely get to make it to them.



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