Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been missing in action. Sorry folks. We had our Heber Valley Civil War and Living History Weekend the past few days. It was fabulous. With all the work that Amanda I and put into it, I just kept thinking "Enjoy every second Rachel, every second" and I did. EVERY SINGLE SECOND!
School Days turned out great. Hopefully those 800 kids learned something, I sure did. Saturday, our public day, turned out fun. We had a bunch of reenactors come that I had never met before and were not part of our organization - but soon will be! The quilt show turned out fun. Kelsey's quilt won Judges Choice! I told her she is getting too big for her britches because I have never won a Judges Choice ribbon! She also spent the day with some of our civilians and learned to card wool and turn it into something wonderful. She actually used a spinning wheel and spun her own yarn from raw wool. That girl! Thanks Debbie, Kami, and Amy!
The live shoot went great. I have been collecting donations for months now for all the shoot prizes. The dance was a blast. Oh my goodness, if only we danced like that now! What fun!

My sister Tori took this picture during the skirmish. You would never know the battle was fought at a park with a playground and pavilion in the background! The smoke from the cannon sure helped! She took around 500 pictures. She will be posting more, as will I, as soon as I find my camera! I seem to have misplaced it somewhere between the battle and the ball. Dang it!

My parents came up to take care of my children for the weekend. I don't know what I would have done without them! My poor children would have been very neglected without them! Also thanks to Tori and Jared for coming up, supporting us, and taking pictures for us! Thanks Utah Civil War Association friends! And JONES - thanks for such a fabulous time! We do great work!

Now that the laundry is caught up, I have had some good nights rest, and my toilets are clean again, I will be checking in more often - I have alot to report!

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