Monday, September 13, 2010

hip hip hooray

I took Kendal to Primary Children's Medical Center today for a neurological checkup. Her neurologist just retired last month, so we got to meet a new doctor. I have been hoping and praying that the new doctor was not so conservative and that he would think we could start Kendal on a slow taper off of her seizure medicine. Well, PRAYERS ANSWERED!!
I get to begin her taper tomorrow morning. She will get 3/4 of her normal morning dose and then a normal evening dose - we do that for 2 weeks and then decrease the evening dose to 3/4 and so on and so forth. That means in 4 months she should be tapered down to nothing - unless her seizures come back. (She has been seizure free for 3 years and 2 months.)
Anyway, it is great news at our house. Her meds have some yucky side effects and it will be interesting to see my REAL 5 year old daughter since she has been on these meds since she was 20 months old. I imagine she will still be a spitfire, but hopefully one that is really her and not the medicine!


Jenn said...

Oh I'm so happy for Kendal!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Kendal and you! DP

mom said...

It will be interesting to see what changes take place,,,,I am sooooooo happy for all of you.

Tori said...

Oh I love it!! Such great news! Lets just all hope that the seizures do not come back and we can enjoy our little crazy spitfire Kendal for all that she is!!


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