Thursday, September 30, 2010

a roast

We had our first roast this entire summer this past week. That is quite ridiculous for us! We usually have a few in the spring, do some dutch oven cooking in the summer, and roast like crazy all of September! Oh well, we will just have to have a few more soon. The pictures are in reverse chronological order because I don't want to change them, sorry!

The Jones family, Proctor family, and a few of the Rowser family joined us for our evening of hot dogs and marshmallows. Thank you friends for a good time!

Me and the little man, excuse the dirty face, he had a great night!

My three sweet ones around the fire pit.

Matt missed most of the company, but there was still a great fire going for him to cook his dogs.

Me and Kendal, not sure what is up with her choice of expression and hand placement. Maybe she is showing us how many marshmallows she ate!

Kendal and Lydia have become such cute little friends.

Thanks Amanda for the peanut m&ms - you knew I was in need!

Debbie working on her dogs. I think she cooked Kendal's for her too! Check out the stack of firewood Matt got a few weeks ago. Yeah! I think we need about 3 times that much for the winter. We plan on getting busy and heading to the hills for some more.

The kids played great together and had a great time.

Amanda and Jen amid the children and food. It was such a wonderfully perfect weather evening.

We enjoyed the evening so much; we need to do more getting together with good people.

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Tori said...

I can't believe that this is your first roast!! Wow! But it looks like fun-- good friends!!!


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