Monday, June 11, 2012

The Coolest Parents

My parents are the coolest folks I know.  Seriously, they are.  I am not sure how I lucked out, but I did.  Even Kelsey asked me today "Was Grandma as crazy-fun when you were growing up as she is now?"  I said "Yep!"  Anyway, they came up and I would like to say 'helped' me paint, but that would be wrong.  They didn't help me, they just did it!
I started this painting project months ago and painted the other side of the wall, but when it came to painting the stairwell and standing on a ladder super pregnant and a bit 'off balanced' I was a bit freaked out.  My mom and dad told me not to try, so I didn't.  They came up and painted it for me over the past weekend.

My dad was run over by a tractor a few months ago as well, so he was climbing ladders and painting with a sore leg and a broken foot because my mom is a bit afraid of heights!  He did all the ladder work, and my mom did everything within her reach, and of course the extension pole's reach!  
My kids loved having their grandparents here as well - a ride in the blue convertible bug, lunch at the Dairy Keen, someone new for Kendal to read to, Grandpa fixing Kendal's shelves on her dutch bed, help shucking corn for dinner, and more cheers for Emmitt wearing underwear were just some of the good times they enjoyed.

My mom wore a sweet do-rag to protect her hair, she is funny about her pretty head of hair!  Anyway, they worked all day Saturday and they were wonderful.  I am glad we had some time Friday to sit and chat, and eat together.  They truly are wonderful people.  Thanks so much mom and dad - you guys are the best!

Matt and Emmitt left Sunday afternoon to cut, bale, and haul the first crop of hay.  They will be back tomorrow.  That meant that the girls and I had a day together, and look forward to another one tomorrow.  We watched a few redbox movies last night, Kendal slept in my bed, we had ice cream cones for lunch, Kelsey went to Orchestra Camp today, the girls cleaned out 'the closet' and it was scary, I pieced this civil war scrappy baby quilt top together, the girls played Barbies, and now Kendal is reading to Kelsey outside on the porch to get ready for her Summer Reading Program check in tomorrow.  It has been a great day.
Matt checked in and said he and Emmitt have worked their little hearts out and have had a great day as well!  They will be baling hay most of the night.  I am so grateful Matt is such a hard worker; he is a great man, husband, and father.


Mom said...

Oh Rachel, you make me sound wayyyy too good. And I didnt know I was "crazy fun", I try to be semi normal. Lol
Anyway, enjoy these awesome summer days with your kids. Yucky ole winter winter will be here in the blink of an eye.

Tori said...

They are the best parents ever!! Those pics of Dad on the ladder makes me nervous though!
So glad they got to have good times with your kids, because of course they come to my house and Brig was a sick baby!

Anonymous said...

I love the color! My basement is the same color. I painted it last fall and we love it! Mindy


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