Friday, June 29, 2012

Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt

I got this quilt back from the quilter a few days ago.  I started this quilt in the first part of April and I have spent quite a bit of time appliqueing all the flowers and leaves on and finishing this sweet thing up.  It is for my mother in law.  I wanted to make her a quilt, and this came to mind.  It is called Grandma's Flower Garden.  Each flower on the quilt represents one of her granddaughters, there are 15 of them.  There are only 4 grandsons, so there are 4 blue birds on the quilt for the boys.  Initially I meant to embroider a name on each flower and bird, but as the quilt started to complete itself, I decided not to.  I just wanted it to remain nice and fresh and not graffiti-ed!

It turned out pretty big, 96" by 115".  I didn't plan on it getting that big, but those borders were just so cute - I had to add them!  I wanted to make it scrappy, since I love scrappy, and the only fabric I actually purchased for the quilt was the two blue borders and the backing.  The rest of the fabric I had in my stash - I love a good stash!  Oh, I also had to buy all the green rick rack that makes up the stems.

Since I am so smitten with my little Kenna, the prettiest flower of June, here she is next to her flower.

Grandma's Flower Garden is complete for now.  I am not sure if anyone is adding anymore grandchildren to the crew, but I have heard from my sister in laws that Kenna is that last one.  We will see!

Cindy the quilter did a wonderful job on the quilting.  I told her she had artistic license and to do whatever she liked.  I think it turned out beautiful!

 All the flowers and leaves are quilted differently, and I ADORE how she quilted the sun!

My mother in law is a lucky lady to have so many beautiful grandchildren, and they are lucky to have a sweet woman as their grandmother.  She is in Missouri until September, so I can procrastinate the binding of the quilt, as usual.  I DESPISE binding!


Trista said...

WOW you really do amazing work! SOOOO stinking cute!

Heather said...

It's absolutely gorgeous and makes thee perfect backdrop for the newest little flower in your garden. When you get it all bound you should lay all your kids on it and get a picture!

Sheridy said...

WOW!! Just beautiful, you best not procrastinate to long. Sept is just around the corner! (8 weeks) good luck.

Anonymous said...

8 weeks? Oh geez! Rachel that is awesome. You do good work and are so creative!

Mom said...

I sooooo love that quilt. It is awesome. And lil Kenna and her flower are adorable. Great job! Your too dang talented.


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