Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fort Douglas Day 2012

Today was Fort Douglas Day in SLC.  The great folks at Fort Douglas had a wonderful timeline of American wars represented, and of course that meant the American Civil War.  My little Emmitt and Matt headed south to take care of things at the ranch and farm, so the girls and I went to Fort Douglas.  Kelsey kept busy playing chess and walking on stilts, and Kendal kept very busy playing with a few fun little civil war friends.  It was a good day.

Caleb and Amanda played music.  It always sounds so nice.  I could just sit there and listen all day!  I wore modern clothing since I am due in less than 2 weeks, and I must admit, it was a feeling of freedom without that hoop skirt on!  I did so miss looking the part though, and felt badly that I didn't dress 1860s, but I did get a chance to go around and meet the other folks participating in the event.

Kelsey tried on her period under pinnings and dress a few days ago and much to my irritation, she has been growing!  Just kidding, I expected my sweet girl's clothing not to fit this year.  So for the past few days I have been busy sewing.  I made her a new quilted stay, a few petticoats, and a new dress.  She picked out this fabric.  I love it.  It is a purple fabric by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics in The Civil War Tribute Collection.  I turned out a bit big, because I just altered an existing pattern that was too small, but she loves it.

The WW I fellas were great (above) , as well as the WW II guys (below).  I just love history, and so does everyone else that attended the event.

Lydia, Jane, and Kendal played the day away, mostly around this 1905 hospital wagon.  Kendal was a sweetheart for the day.

Kendal loved washing clothes with Jorden and Kimberley the laundresses.  She could have played in the water all day long!

Kelsey is really good on the stilts, and could cruise around a bit.  She also did get a few grass stains!

Kendal and Lydia, finding shade under the wagon after the sun moved and the trees no longer provided good shade!

When we got home from Fort Douglas, we enjoyed the gorgeous evening outside in the shade.  Kendal and Kelsey both kept their drawers on, and just threw on a dress.  Silly girls!

I love summer evenings, sitting in the shade and watching the kids play.  It makes me so happy to enjoy the wonderful weather and all that summer gives us.

We spent the evening outside and I started quilting on a civil war baby quilt for a bit while watching the kids.  Kelsey decided to read, and Kendal took turns between reading her summer reading program material and jumping on the trampoline.  What a gorgeous evening!

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Mom said...

It looks like the kids, and you had a great time. The newspaper article was awesome too.
I know that at this stage in your pregnancy, you feel big and huge, but the pic of you on the lawn looks wayyyyy nice.


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