Sunday, June 17, 2012


So a week ago I noticed a big sign at the local furniture store claiming 40% off recliners for Father's Day.  I had meant to get one for Matt last year for Father's Day and just never made it happen, so he got something exciting like new work pants or something like that.  Well, last week I took advantage of that sign and sale and went and bought him a new recliner.  I left it at the store until Friday, and then I had my neighbor Derek help me get it in the house after I went and picked it up.

When Derek and I got it in the front door, he asked me how I was going to hide it until Sunday.  I said "No big deal, Matt never comes in this room.  I will just throw this quilt over it and he will never even see it."  Derek thought I was crazy and that my plan would never work.  Friday evening my cousin stopped by with his sick dog for Matt to look at for a bit.  Matt walked right past the quilted glob of chair at least 6 times coming in and out of the front door.  Never even thought about it.  SCORE!  Now I do have to give him some credit -  there is usually a small rocking chair right in the same spot and the kids make 'blanket huts' all the time.  So I knew he would think that is what was going on.

Saturday morning he left early for the farm and didn't take a peak in that room.  He came home late, like midnight, and didn't go in that room.  Sunday morning Kendal was so excited for her dad to see his new present, she woke up at 5:50 am and came in our bedroom to tell him all about the big secret!  I promptly intercepted her and told her to take the civil war quilt and go back to sleep in her dad's new present for awhile.  So this is how Kendal looked at 8:00 am - a big bundle of quilt in her dad's new chair.  I am just glad she went back to sleep!

So, Happy Father's Day to Matt, the father of my children, as well as to my dad, my father in law, and all the great fellas in my life.


Terra said...

I also saw that sign! I, like you last year, just never made it happen. I think it's so funny he walked by it several times and never saw it!

Kay Ehrmantrout said...

I'm the obilvious one in our relationship. J loves re-arranging the wall of weapons and pictures and moving furniture around the house. My record is 8 weeks until I noticed a new set of guns on the wall by our bed. Changing the subject. I love your girls. They were so fun to watch playing together at Fort Douglas.

Anonymous said...

Will's fathers day present was "delivered" to our "porch" but never received:( Glad Matt didn't ruin his surprise!


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