Thursday, March 07, 2013

L&C Farms Chest

My sister in law Emiko told me that my birthday present wouldn't fit in Matt's car so he couldn't bring it home to me.  I wondered what in the world it could be!  About 10 days later she called and asked what time we got home from church and that they wanted to come and visit.  She lives 2 hours away.

Emiko, her husband which is Matt's brother, and their 4 kids drove up with this sweet chest in the back of their Suburban for a fantastic Sunday afternoon visit.  WHAT A TREAT!  This is my birthday present.  If I think about it, I can smell the cedar right now as I type!  MMMMMM!!  It is gorgeous to boot, with a sweet tray that fits right on top.  I love the side handles, love the rope handle, love it all.

My sister in law, Emiko, had this made for me.  There was an old shed at the farm that was falling in and needed to be torn down.  She tore it down, yes, she is like that - she can do ANYTHING, and she saved the wood for a project, this project.  This BEAUTIFUL chest is made from an L&C Farms shed and I LOVE IT!

The wood is old spruce or pine, and it was part of the roof of the shed, so it has this awesome texture to it.  Weathered and old, the color is incredible, and traces of very flat lichens are all over it.  I love it. Completely love it.  It makes me smile.  The construction is incredible and the workmanship is amazing.  What a lovely gift.  I am pretty sure it is one of my all time favorite gifts I have ever received.  I love personal gifts, ones that were made with me in mind.  Ones that have deep meaning.  Thank you so much Emiko, I am in awe of your sentimental heart and generosity. 


Jenny said...


Gail said...

And you most certainly deserve it. Emiko must be an angel - for she surely knows how to gift like one. Happy Birthday my friend.

Rachel said...

Thanks Gail! She is an angel!


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