Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We love him to pieces

The little man of the house turned 4 years old the other day.  It is incredible that time passes so quickly.  He  was born on a snowy, cold day.

 His first birthday was a beautiful spring day and we worked and played in the yard.  He got to play in his own cake wearing just his diaper that night as well.  Silly and messy tradition!

 His second birthday was pretty special because Matt had just been able to come home from the ICU after breaking 11 ribs, most in two places, breaking his sternum in 2 places, separating his shoulder, and collapsing a lung.  He got a sweet birthday cake with farm toys all over it.

 His third birthday last year was cold and snowy in Heber City, so we headed south and worked on the farm with his cousins.  He and Judd shared a birthday cake that night because Judd's birthday is the day before Emmitt's.

 Emmit's fourth birthday was a lazy cold Sunday and was celebrated with just us.  He loved that the Primary kids sang to him on his birthday, and he got to watch whatever movie he wanted in the afternoon. 

 His birthday cake was Kelsey's creative creation.  She made little bats with Oreo cookies.  It wasn't the Superhero cake he expected, but he loved it.
What a sweet little boy we have at our house.  We love him to pieces.


Emily said...
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Anonymous said...

Such an awesome little boy. Love him. Mom

Amy said...

Aw, happy birthday! 4 years old. Doesn't the time fly!!


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